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How To Book:

  • Please contact me via e-mail, Instagram DM @kelseyvoykintattoo, or by filling out the Contact form on my website.

  • In your booking inquiry, please include a clear & simple description of the tattoo you want. Approximate size, body placement, black & grey or colour, and any reference photos you may have.

  • Please explain what you want in terms of subject matter, and refrain from sending photos of other peoples tattoos off Pinterest. Understand that I will be drawing it in my style, so that it is a unique tattoo for you.

  • I am happiest to tattoo things that are similar to what you have seen me post. If I don't take on your project, it's nothing personal. I just feel I am not the right fit for your tattoo. When choosing a tattoo artist, pick someone whose style aligns with the vision you have for your tattoo. This is important. 

  • Please note: I do NOT tattoo watercolour style, side of the finger, or tattoos without a black outline.


  • If your tattoo is something I have agreed to take on and we have discussed an appointment date, I will require a non-refundable $100 deposit to secure your spot sent via e-transfer to

  • The non-refundable $100 deposit goes towards the overall cost of your tattoo.

  • If your tattoo requires multiple sessions, the deposit will be carried over to the final appointment.

  • The deposit will be forfeited in the event of a cancellation, reschedule, no-show, late arrival, or unreasonable re-draws to your design that were not previously discussed.


  • I do NOT send photos of artwork.

  • Artwork can be seen on the day of your appointment, and any minor changes can be made at this time. Any extensive changes that were not previously discussed may result in rescheduling your appointment and require a new deposit.

  • I do drawings for BOOKED APPOINTMENTS ONLY.

Payment & Hourly Rate:

  • The shop is CASH ONLY. Please come to your appointment prepared. There is an ATM next door if needed. *Due to the recent events of Covid-19 cash will still be accepted, but e-transfer is encouraged*

  • My current hourly rate is $160/ hour

  • The shop minimum is $100 for anything that takes less than half an hour.

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