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Who We Are:

49 North Tattoo is a bright, plant-filled, welcoming & inclusive environment. Providing a safe & intimate space for tattooing in the heart of downtown Rossland. We are bustling during the winter months, with tourists and seasonal adventurers visiting our local ski hill Red Mountain Resort. Our summer months are just as busy with everyone visiting the surrounding lakes and hikes around the region.

Our shop is located right on the main drag of Columbia Avenue, below the hostel, and in between the convenience store & dispensary. Thanks to our location, it's in the prime spot to enjoy Rossland.

The shop is comprised of a front retail space/waiting room, front desk area, tattooing stations, and our back room for extra studio space. Our tattooing stations can comfortably host two artists at a time, where clients can happily stare at our massive fish tank during their session.

49 North Tattoo is currently home to two resident artists: shop owner/operator Kelsey Voykin, and Sarah Chalmers. To learn more about our artists click here

Who We Are Looking For:

  • Guest Artists: 49 North Tattoo would LOVE to welcome Guest Artists to our shop. If you are an artist looking to work during your ski trip to Red Mountain Resort, we are the perfect fit for you! If you are looking for a nature-rich, mountain town vacation destination, come see us! If you are interested in guesting at 49 North Tattoo, please fill out the application form below. Please note that because of the small tattooing space and room to host two artists at a time, it isn't guaranteed that schedules will line up.

  • Permanent Resident Arists: 49 North Tattoo is currently NOT seeking any more resident artists, as we currently comfortably fit two tattooers. 

  • Apprentices: 49 North Tattoo is NOT seeking apprentices.

  • Piercers: 49 North Tattoo is NOT seeking piercers. Our space is set up for tattooing only, and cannot accommodate piercing.


Thank you for your application! We will get back to you shortly...

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