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Shop Information

49.0781° N, 117.8000°W

Located in the 49th Parallel is the tiny, beautiful mountain town of Rossland, British Columbia. Home to 49 North Tattoo. Owned & Operated by Kelsey Voykin.

49 North Tattoo offers a bright, plant-filled, welcoming environment. Providing a safe & intimate space for tattooing, in the heart of downtown Rossland.

Where Is The Shop Located?

  • Shop address: 2125 Columbia Avenue, Rossland BC, V0G 1YO

  • We are located across the street from Alpine Grind, between the convenience store & the dispensary.


  • We are a Tattoo ONLY shop.

  • We do NOT offer piercings, or sell piercing jewelry.

  • We do NOT offer micro-blading or cosmetic tattooing.


  • Please contact the artist directly who you wish to book with.

  • We do NOT have a shop phone. The only way to book is via e-mail with your artist.

  • Please expect responses to take up to 2-3 weeks, unless regarding an upcoming appointment in which case will get to as soon as possible.

Shop Hours:

  • Each artist has their own schedule, please contact them directly for booking.

  • The shop is a private space, and open for scheduled appointments only. Please do not show up without an appointment.


  • The shop is by appointment only and we do not accept walk-ins.



  • You must be 18 years of age to get tattooed. ID required.

  • Minors age 16+ may be tattooed at the artists discretion, and require the consent & signature of their parent/guardian.

  • We ask that under NO circumstances should you bring your child/infant to your tattoo appointment. A tattoo shop is not a safe space for an unsupervised minor, and their presence will be a distraction to your artist.

Who Can I Bring With Me To My Appointment?

  • We ask that you please not bring anyone with you to your appointment, with the exception of minors (age 16+) requiring parental consent.

  • If you MUST bring a friend/family member/travel companion, we ask that you limit it to only one other person. We are a small space which gets overwhelming and distracting for your artist if there are too many people. Your guest will have to remain on the couch in the waiting area throughout your session.

  • Under NO circumstances are you permitted to bring your child/infant to your appointment. A tattoo shop is not a safe space for an unsupervised minor. Their presence will also be a distraction to your artist.

  • There are also no pets permitted in the shop.

We Will NOT Tattoo Anyone Who Is:

  • Under the age of 18 (16+ with parental consent & signature)

  • Under the influence of drugs/alcohol

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Sick with a cold/flu

  • On antibiotics (unless you have the ok from your doctor)

  • With a sunburn, rash, wound, etc on the area being tattooed.

  • We have the right to refuse any service!


  • Hourly rate is dependant on your artist.

  • Payment is taken via cash or e-transfer. We ask that you come to your appointment prepared, however there is an ATM next door if needed.

  • We do NOT accept Debit/Credit/Visa


  • There's tons of free angle 2 hour only street parking anywhere on Columbia Avenue (the 2 hour parking limit IS enforced), including right in front of the shop. There is also a dirt parking lot behind the bank if you turn down Queen Street for any sessions longer than 2 hours.

*For more information on tattoo etiquette & things to remember for your appointment, please see: How To Get Tattooed *

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